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Butler Toilet Paper Holder

Butler Toilet Paper Holder

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This butler toilet paper holder can be placed conveniently in any bathroom. The holder is tiny but very effective and will provide heartfelt moments in the bathroom. It’s made of high-quality material making it durable and long-lasting. You’ll be adding some fun and creative décor to your bathroom.

It’s crafted from raisin with some impressive and fun detailing, a unique bathroom accessory that will add a comical flair to any bathroom. This piece of magic will completely transform your bathroom. It’s one of those gifts that are perfectly suited to a housewarming because the design is simple, effective and a good gift for the occasion.

Any residential bathroom will appreciate the need for this eco-friendly product that is designed for exactly that. There will be no chance for guests to be caught with their pants down when the butler toilet paper is at hand to ensure a constant supply of tissue paper rolls. It’s an ingenious solution that will fit into any refined bathroom setup no matter how large.

The butler will be a breath of fresh air at a place where it’s really needed. It can conveniently hold one tissue paper at a time and it is super cute!!

The kids will most likely see the fun in it and the ones who need convincing to visit the bathroom will have a new butler to help them. The butler is holding the nose in disgust which adds a nice little touch to it. Cleaning the butler toilet paper holder is so easy that he might actually do it himself, anyway just a wipe with a wet cloth will do the trick.

It’s a hilarious addition to any bathroom décor and the butler is dressed in hues of black, khaki, cream, and white. It’s a classic butler look, only tiny in form. The butler toilet paper holder measures 6 x 4 x 12 inches and is designed to hold one roll of tissue paper at a time. 
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