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【🐦Sale-30% OFF】🐤Cardinal stained glass window panel

【🐦Sale-30% OFF】🐤Cardinal stained glass window panel

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The cardinal symbolises light in the darkness, hope in the ashes of sorrow, and warmth in the coldest of winters.

An ancient folklore preserves the culture's belief that "when a cardinal appears in your yard, it is a visitor from heaven".(That could be the one I have always loved who once existed)

Cardinal pairs are formed for all life and symbolize fidelity and endless love. These two colorful cardinals will bring bright shades and emotions into your life.


The cardinal birds symbolise eternal vitality and they will bring good luck to the family


Making stained crafts is not just for business, first of all, for happiness. Every product is made with love, because this is my family hobby.

🎁Show how much your love ones mean to you with a gift that fits any occasion! 💖We can decorate it on the trees in the garden patio, the living room windows, the window sill of the bedroom or even the balcony✅

The window hanging is made of copper foil. In the manufacturing process, we only use high quality product materials, such as:

• Copper Foil
• Tin
• Black Patina
• Wax

So you are ensured a quality product, which is handcrafted in our studio, that will please you and be in excellent conditions for years to come. 

• wipe with wet cloth.

Width: 7.87-16 inches

Stained Glass Hanging Instructions

  • Choose a sturdy wood or drywall/plaster structure. If you are hanging a corner piece, be sure to choose a 90-degree angle. (If you are hanging in a doorway or window, check to see that the door or window will still be able to open and close freely once your piece is in place.)
  • Hold your piece in place and mark the center of the eyelets where the screws will go using a felt tip marker or pencil.
  • Gently place the screws through the eyelets. Use only a screwdriver - by hand (not a screw gun) and turn the screws into the holes you’ve already started. Take care to hold your piece securely until all the screws have been applied. Do not overtighten as you may damage the piece.

Each Artwork is packaged safely into a box for delivering it to customer in excellent condition.

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