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The Enchanted Lunar Lamp

Let the Enchanted Lunar Lamp’s warm, comforting glow soothe your soul. The lamp is bright enough to be used as a book light, yet dim enough to create an enchanting atmosphere. 

Transform any room in your home into a magical wonderland with the Enchanted Lunar Lamp. It's time to find your inner oasis and immerse yourself in magic. 

If you are after a state of the art, modern piece of home décor, then look no further!

Interior lamps don't need to be dull & boring, rest assured the Enchanted Lunar Lamp is neither of those, it is guaranteed to grab the attention of your friends, children & most importantly YOU!

This lamp is proven to help soothe children's anxiety, in a day & age of lockdowns & being stuck at home, this lamp has an aura about it that just cant be replicated from any other lamp on the market. 

 Proven To Reduce Stress Levels

 Modern Piece Of Home Décor

 Increased Sense Of Relaxation

 Perfect For A Childs Room

 3 Colours Settings (Blue/ Purple/ Warm)

 The Ultimate Gift


Have you ever stared at the stars/moon & often relished in their natural beauty?. 

Well why not bring the beauty of the night sky into your own space? With 3 different colour options to chose from   your guaranteed to be satisfied.

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