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Valentine's Day Wreath Front Door Decorations Red Berries Heart Shaped

Valentine's Day Wreath Front Door Decorations Red Berries Heart Shaped

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Use dried rattan as a heart frame featuring red berries and hearts. The red flower and string of lights are wrapped around the outside,making your garland still eye-catching at night,making the whole front door full of the romantic atmosphere of Valentine's Day. Transform your bland front door into an attractive entryway. Welcome your friends and family with thisValentine's door wreath.


  • ·Focus: Handmade
  • ·Material: Artificial red berry,vines
  • ·Wreath Diameters: 18*-overall diameter
  • ·Applicable throughout the year.
  • ·Covers indoor/outdoor versatility.
  • ·It can be placed anywhere in front of doors,fireplaces,gardens,etc.


  • ·Handmade with authentic craftsmanship.
  • ·Exceptional high-quality materials.
  • ·Designed to be beautiful,crafted to last!
  • ·Natural lifelike appeal.
  • ·Wreaths make wonderful hostess,housewarming or special occasion gifts.


Recommended for covered area outdoors or indoors.

During the holidays, it can be hung on the wall,door, or even on the mantelpiece. Or outside the house, garden, or deck. This is a highly collectible nostalgic gift, the perfect gift for family and friends. The wreath is made of quality materials and will last a long time without the maintenance!

If you choose to hang your wreath outdoors, please take care to protect it from the sun, wind and rain.

If your wreath is mounted on an indoor door, we recommend securing it in two positions to prevent it from hitting the door when it is opened or closed.

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