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Vintage garden glow-in-the-dark fairy pendant

Vintage garden glow-in-the-dark fairy pendant

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Exquisite country style
Hanging a small garden pendant in the garden always has a bright, small and fresh feeling
. Placed elegantly, exuding the beauty of rustic personality

Energy-saving and waterproof-the fluorescent glass ball absorbs natural sunlight and ultraviolet light and emits light from the storage source. Excellent surface treatment and durability, as well as high corrosion resistance, to prevent product corrosion. Waterproof design, not restricted by rain and moisture

Multi-scene application- with easy-to-install S-shaped hooks, it can be easily installed in any space, room, window, wall, door, tree, patio, garden, bedroom, roof, etc., to decorate your comfortable home.

Incredibly elegant- shine in the night, like a dancing elf, dancing to the beautiful tone. Added a nice atmosphere.
Daily fun- your family and friends can use it on the front porch/terrace/deck to enjoy happiness and beauty.


Size: 36*14*9cm/14.17*5.51*3.5in
Material: Iron + Fluorescent glass (Fluorescent glass absorbs ultraviolet rays from natural sunlight, stores the light source and increases brightness)
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