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Working Lemarchand's Lament Configuration Lock Puzzle Box from Hellraiser

Working Lemarchand's Lament Configuration Lock Puzzle Box from Hellraiser

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Working Lament Configuration Functional Puzzle Box with integrated lock mechanism inspired by the classic horror movie Hellraiser.

This is a functional, moveable puzzle box that changes confirmation base on how you try to solve the puzzle with your hands.(with holder/stand.)

The Lament has a locking system inside, the 2 discs at the top and bottom need to be in a specific position to close or open the puzzle...
when it is closed either in cube or star position it can be locked by turning one of the dials and it will only open in the correct position. This is called the "easy mode" and it's kind of fun already...
😍🎁The box also contains a small empty circular space in the center, leaving room to place a surprise gift.

- This prop is 3D printed, made of PLA, which is a sourced-from-nature recyclable plastic.
- Post-processed and painted with great care and attention to the details.
- Painted with acrylic paint with a final strengthening clear coat.
- This model is 3 inches tall.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Love the cube - adds another dimension to my crossover hock...

Travis Dunn

That’s pretty cool

Dusty Adams

My suffering has been legendary!

Muzeyyen Alğan

The cube is awesome, incredible and unique and a real puzzle. A real gem in my collection. 😚